Hi, I'm Regina Anjos, an illustrator and motion designer from Brazil. I have a degree in Arts and an MBA in Art Direction for Advertising, TV and Video. 

You can also find me as Gianjos on some social networks, and probably will see many of my artworks signed this way, too :)

I'm also a children's books writer. You can find out more about  my books here. For now they are only in portuguese language, but I have plans to release some of them in english soon.

I've been drawing for almost 20 years. Throughout these years, I've been working on hand-drawn and digital portraits, designing logos, making custom invitations and other artwork services. 

I always loved creating cute and whimsical characters and recently started giving them life through digital cut-out animation. I also work with kinetic typography and logo animation.

Since I am very fond of creating line art drawings and coloring pictures, I created a blog for printable coloring pictures :)


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Insightful Girls is all about motivating girls and women to believe in themselves and keep going after their dreams

Meet my new project: Insightful Girls

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